WENATCHEE — After an early January storm brought record snowfall to Wenatchee and local students received several rare snow days, the Wenatchee and Eastmont school districts are looking to make up for the lost time. Both schools canceled classes on Jan. 6 and 7 following a storm that brought Wenatchee nearly two feet of snow in 24 hours.

In Eastmont, the instruction time will be made up on Feb. 7 and 18. Students previously had both days off.

Wenatchee has submitted an application to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction asking for both days to be waived. The waiver cites declarations of states of emergency by both Gov. Jay Inslee and Chelan County. If the waiver is approved, students would still average 1,056 hours of instruction this school year, above the state requirement of 1,027.

According to the application, if the waiver is denied, Wenatchee has scheduled June 13 and 14 as make-up days.

Additionally, Wenatchee has filed a separate waiver request for Columbia Elementary School, which canceled class on Jan. 3 due to a lack of heat in the building. Temperatures in the building reached as low as 45 degrees.

According to the application, “the ability to have a make-up day for one building would be a hardship for the district.” If denied, the day would be made up during the week of June 13.

If both waivers are approved, Columbia students would still meet the required state instruction time.

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