WENATCHEE — Masks are required for those planning to attend Tuesday’s in-person Wenatchee School Board meeting. If attendees don’t comply, the meeting will move online.

That scenario was clarified in new “board meeting protocols” posted Wednesday and announced in a press release. The new rules were drafted to prevent a repeat of the Aug. 24 meeting when 50 unmasked individuals disrupted the discussion and refused to put on masks, prompting board members to walk out of the meeting and reconvene online.

State rules require face coverings in any indoor space, the news release stated, and the school district must comply with the state’s mask mandate, including when holding open public meetings indoors in its facilities.

As a government entity, the school district is prohibited from allowing individuals to enter or remain in any indoor space under its control unless the individuals are in compliance with the mask mandate.

Individuals who choose not to wear a mask will be reminded masks are required and will be asked to wear one. Masks will be available at the meeting for those who need one. Those choosing not to wear a mask are invited to watch the meeting online.

If anyone refuses to wear a mask and disrupts the meeting, the board will stop the meeting and reconvene virtually.

Examples of disruptive conduct outlined in the new protocols include:

  • Entering the district office without a mask.
  • Removal of masks during the meeting.
  • Interrupting the meeting by speaking out of turn.

The in-person board meeting protocols also clarify that during the public comment period, community members are invited to share perspectives and insight, but the board will not engage in a back-and-forth dialogue.

For the agenda to Tuesday’s meeting, which starts at 6 p.m., go to wenatcheeschools.org. The agenda also includes links to attend online.

Ian Dunn: (509) 664-7157