WENATCHEE — Wenatchee High School students were nearly banned from attending football and soccer games against Eastmont after students stormed the court Thursday to celebrate a win over Eastmont.

Administrators initially banned students from attending all Wenatchee-Eastmont games this fall but ultimately decided against any penalties.

Wenatchee Athletic Director Jim Beeson said Wenatchee students stormed the court after a girls volleyball match at Wenatchee High School. He said they headed “straight in front of the Eastmont section. One of them grabbed a broom and was sweeping the floor because we had won in straight sets.”

Beeson credited Eastmont Athletic Director Russ Waterman for getting between the students. “He kind of headed off our student section and kept his students in the bleachers,” Beeson said. “A situation that could have been much worse was avoided.”

Waterman said he doesn’t know about taking credit.

“We try to make sure our students and good and good character. Some days are better than others. I thought they were OK and did not deserve what happened. They did a good job of curbing their reaction,” Waterman said. “I was glad I was there to curb it because it had the potential of being very bad.”

Waterman said he was taken aback by what the Wenatchee students did.

“I thought the match was played well by both teams and both student sections were spirited. I think there could have been more sportsmanship through some of that,” Waterman said. “To have what happened, it did surprise me it happened to that degree.”

Initially, the Wenatchee High School administration decided to keep Wenatchee students from all Eastmont-Wenatchee games for the remainder of the fall season. After consulting with the student body, Beeson said the administration decided to keep students from attending the football game Friday and the Eastmont-Wenatchee soccer game on Saturday.

Ultimately, the Wenatchee administration decided to allow students to attend football and soccer games this weekend.

Beeson said students challenged penalizing all students.“Obviously, the timeline is such, we play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday playing Eastmont in different events. Whatever consequences they came up with we had to do in a timely manner. and communicate it out.

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