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WATERVILLE — Inside the Douglas County Museum’s rock and gem collection, museum director Dr. Earl Cater dimmed the lights and aimed a UV flashlight at a glass case filled with rocks glowing green, orange, purple, and yellow.



Our Past

The details and history of the Waterville Railway Company are a triumphant testimony to the visionary efforts of the businessmen and people of Waterville. When the Great Northern Railway decided not to build its track through Waterville, they sentenced Waterville to die on the vine of econom… Read moreThe railway depot

In those golden moments when the state Territorial Legislature split Douglas County off that huge chunk of land called Spokane County, there was little to nothing here. Our Douglas County Courthouse could be found in a tent that sat in the middle of the great Douglas County sagebrush outback. Read moreThe Douglas County Courthouse

In 1921, Dutch historian Johan Huizinga (1872 – 1945) wrote that every generation yearns for a better or more beautiful world than the one in which they live. He reasoned that our confusing present creates a more intense yearning for something better and maybe that includes something differe… Read moreClothing: Then and now

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