Dear fellow bug investigator,

After much research, I have dubbed your stinky bug a Western Conifer Seed bug (WCSB), though it was a close toss-up with a brown marmorated stink bug and a squash bug.

Waterville has a lot of conifer trees, including white pine, red pine, hemlock, douglas fir, and spruce. The nymphs of these bugs can voraciously eat their seeds so that they may quickly grow into adults before autumn. The nymphs also feed on the developing cones and the needles of pine trees as well. They are considered "true bugs" in the Heteroptera family and when they fly, they make a sound like a bumblebee.

When alarmed, the WCSB can omit a pungent "stinky" odor from glands between the second and third pair of legs to deter predators.

Yours truly,


P.S. For more information, check out this website:

OR checkout this book from the library:

Insects of the Pacific Northwest

By Peter Haggard, Judy Haggard

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