Fair sign

A new sign at the fairgrounds entry area displays a new name: The Douglas County Fairgrounds--Home of the NCW Fair. A new fence forms the border with the fairgrounds and the sign is surrounded by new landscaping--as well as some familiar antique farm equipment.

The NCW Fairgrounds has a new welcome sign and entry area, as well as a new name. It is now officially the Douglas County Fairgrounds—Home of the North Central Washington Fair.

The name change was suggested to the fair board and the county commissioners by fair manager Carolyn Morley.

“I really wanted the entire county to feel pride in our grounds and all the events we put on,” Morley wrote in an email.

The name of the fair itself will continue to be the North Central Washington (or NCW) Fair, Morley said.

In order to complete the new entry area an older fence and sign were removed and a new fence put in. A new sign was installed with new landscaping around it. Antique equipment that was part of the display of the old entry area was retained as a part of the new landscaping.

Morley said funding for the new sign and entry area came from a number of sources, including Northwest Farm Credit’s 100% Committed Program and the Waterville Community Foundation.

Douglas County Commissioner Kyle Steinberg designed and donated the new sign.

Northwest Farm Credit staff donated time to tear down and clean up the old fence and install a new fence.

KTS Development, a company owned by Steinberg, designed and provided landscaping.

Fair board president Leon Grant stated of the name change:

“The Fair board was happy to support the name change. We want to recognize our roots in Douglas County and to show appreciation to our board of commissioners and to all those who attend our county fair and have supported us year after year.”

Grant said he was also excited about the new entry area.

“That corner is going to be a welcoming corner to our fair,” Grant said.

Morley said that the fair management and the fair board have had their eye on the entry area for a number of years and wanted to make an improvement there. When the name change was decided on, it seemed only natural to revise the entry area.

“It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the project done,” Morley said.