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A deer, part of a herd of a dozen, munches on brush near a house above Skyline Drive in Wenatchee Tuesday.

According to the weather forecast, Waterville will have warmer days, but below freezing nights. The warmer sunny days are nice, and with the higher altitude of the Waterville Plateau, it is glorious to bask in its rays, even at 40°F.

In 1915, the state of Washington answered the call of the Good Roads Association for better roads. The state began the work of turning Pine Canyon Road into a route better suited to automobile traffic. Using the labor of honor prisoners, the new road bed now curved its way down to the existi…

I often watch Korean dramas with the subtitles on so I can listen to the rich Korean language with the drama unfolding before me. I love their clothing and their elaborate meals. The foods they prepare are sumptuous and eaten with great relish.


WENATCHEE — When the wind picks up and it becomes a blustery day — that’s when Miketo Zook, Wenatchee, heads outside.


WSU Master Gardener Skip Johnson places leaves into a wheelbarrow as he prepares a lawn for spring fertilizer near the Master Gardeners Continuing Education Garden along Western Ave. Saturday in Wenatchee.

Oxalis triangularis, or false shamrock, is a true beauty and super easy to care for. It spreads rapidly and can be thinned and given to fellow gardeners as a beautiful gift on Saint Patrick's Day.

Roads on the Waterville Plateau provided physical, political, and financial obstacles of monumental proportions. All of the stakeholders needed to come to an agreement on the who, what, when, where, and how of road building early in the 20th century. Few improved roads existed, and county co…

Up in the air but below the snowline, Kyle Knott with Beckstead Electric replaces one of 88 light bulbs on Monday at Walla Walla Point Park.

There are a few patches in my garden where there is no snow at all, and then there are the piles of snow that are still as tall as me, mostly in the backyard.

In 1928, our end of Highway 2 was drawn up to hug the northern border of the United States from Everett, Washington, to St. Ignace, Michigan. The design picked up existing highways designed by state governments, and with improvement, turned them into a national cross country highway system. …

This plant has always captured my heart, much like Maui since I visited for two weeks last October. I never knew all of its varied names, either: painter's palette, anthurium andraeanum, flamingo flower, and my favorite Hawaiian heart.

Until 1909 the only way for anyone up or down the Columbia River or to cross to the other side required boarding a ferry.

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