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The mason bees have been busy laying eggs and filling up the tubules in their little mason bee house, which I have supplied for them for two seasons. Some of their buildings mud-only masonry work and others are beautified with pieces of green leaves. They are very artistic in their work.

My husband, in my opinion, makes the best ribs hands down. But when he went away for school, we would have long stretches of time that we wouldn’t have smoked ribs. So, I decided to start experimenting with his smoker. Since I love to cook, it didn’t take long for me to find other foods to s…

I ordered two Hercules strawberry plants two years ago, received them in the spring, planted them in a big bin, and placed them in the hoophouse. They loved the heat and grew from scraggly sticks that could barely be called plants into some nice-sized strawberry vines.

It’s the start of the blueberry season. For this batch of muffins though, I used frozen berries my kids and I picked from a local farm last year. When they are available, I will add blackberries and raspberries along with the blueberries for some variation.

Waterville firefighters responded to a house fire Friday that started when the homeowner was cooking a steak. 

Close your eyes and imagine the scents of yeast, cinnamon and sugar….If you’ve ever attended the NCW District Fair, perhaps you’ve experienced the “real thing” by partaking of a “Wheat Wives” cinnamon roll. Wheat Wives began back in the late 1970’s, no one really remembers exactly, but there…

The butterfly in the photo, spotted in late June, is either a Canadian Tiger Swallowtail or an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail which are identical in appearance but differ genetically. The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail are encroaching into the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail's range. They like to lay eggs …

SZZZZZT— Pop! A wearisome sound! We know it too well. When we hear it, we run around the house like a crazed cat glaring out the windows to see if our neighbors have power. Some of us call a friend, others check the power outage map. In desperation we light a candle and call the PUD.

WATERVILLE — It takes a full minute for the garage-style door to open, but the hangar it belongs to doesn’t house a plane. Instead, when the door finally lifts, two ambulances stare out at the asphalt.