These are the top two finishers in the 2022 budget cover contest. The winning picture (top) was drawn by Austyn O'Brien. The second place picture (bottom) was drawn by Otto Jones.

Mayor Jill Thompson announced the winner of the 2022 budget cover contest during the Nov. 15 Town Council meeting. This year’s winner is second grader Austyn O’Brien. Otto Jones was recognized as having the second place entry. Mayor Thompson also visited the elementary school this past Thursday to personally congratulate the artists.

The annual contest invited second and third grade students to submit drawings about their favorite parts of Waterville. Members of the community then voted on their favorite drawings. The contest helps to add a little extra town pride and pizzaz to an otherwise drab looking document.

O’Brien’s picture is full of vibrant colors and does a wonderful job of incorporating the background and foreground into the drawing. It is a complete picture that is more than just the building that was the focal point of her piece of art.

“It’s a beautiful picture,” said Mayor Thompson.

Meanwhile Jones’ picture focused on another staple for young people in our town. His drawing did a great job in incorporating action into it. It also showed a sunny day, something our town has plenty of.

“Otto Jones had a very nice graphic of playing basketball by the pool,” said the mayor.

As the contest’s winner Austyn O’Brien’s drawing will now be featured as the cover page for the 2022 budget document. As the second place finisher, Otto Jones’ drawing will become the document’s divider page.

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