There are over 2,000 different types of praying mantises worldwide, yet there are only two prevalent invasive species worth arguing about here in the United States! Both species - the Chinese mantis, Tenodera aridifolia, and the European mantis, Mantis religiosa - were introduced to North Am…

Stacey Biram’s first day teaching the new Waterville Wonders class started much as expected, by welcoming her preschool students and sharing in the enthusiasm of their first day of school. Then, things started to differ from a normal first day.

A lectern, bell table, keyboard and sound equipment were arranged in front of the Waterville Federated Church, and participants sat on lawn chairs in a large semicircle around the building.

This article is the fourth in a series intended to highlight how Waterville residents are coping and helping those around them to cope during the COVID-19 emergency.

As the Orondo Eagles staff saw the increasing likelihood of a school shutdown, the school activated its Orondo School Leadership Team to put emergency preparedness plans into place to ensure that students would continue to receive important social services while staying engaged with their le…

What an amazing year for World's Best! This competition has never been as competitive as it was for 2021! The community known competition saw more than 13,000 nominations in round 1 which made up more than 2,300 businesses, people, and places across our community.

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