Waterville Superintendent Tabatha Mires is adamant that funds from an educational programs and operation levy are not used for fluff.

Mires, who doubles as the middle and high school principal, said the money would go toward:

  • Facility upgrades, including adding one classroom space in the elementary building
  • Sidewalk repair
  • Blacktop/asphalt repair
  • Window coverings to increase entryway safety
  • Modernizing career and technical education programs and buildings, including an industrial arts program

The school district is looking to renew an expiring tax with one running from 2021 through 2024. The levy rate per $1,000 of assessed property value would be $2.50 each year.

The district estimates this would generate $583,000 the first year, $617,980 the second, $655,059 the third and $694,362 the last.

Mires said levy funds help bridge the gap in state funding caused by declining enrollment.

If the levy passes, the school district will receive additional funds from the state. If it fails, the district will lose not only the levy amount, but the state’s additional dollars as well — a total of over $600,000, Mires said.

The levy is an important part of the school district’s overall budget. For example, in 2018-2019, the district’s local levy and state levy equalization dollars (money provided by the state to school districts that pass local levies) constituted about 12.5% of its total revenue.

Waterville School has also received grants and donations:

  • New in 2020 — Rural Modernization Grant, $200,000
  • Playground grant, $100,000
  • Intercom grant, $100,000
  • Reader Board donations and partnerships, $18,000
  • Booster Club grants for teachers, over $4,000
  • Communities in Schools partnership with Orondo
  • Greenhouse grants
  • Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education grant

For more information, call 745-8585 or visit watervilleschool.org.

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