These “brevities” from the May 31, 1906 edition of the Douglas County Press jump from a missing carpet, to a bustling brickyard, to the large number of buggies owned by locals. They come to the abundant spring rains several times, which now as then, fill farmers with optimism for the harvest.


Lost: From off the Bridgeport stage last Friday a roll of new carpet. Suitable reward for its return to any P.O. along the line.

The auditor’s office has been moved into the basement of the Carpenter & Malthie building, on the corner. The clerk’s office is to be moved in later.

Elsewhere W.C. Calhoun & Son present a new ad for their brickyard. Mr. C. has established a first-class plant and is producing an article that will be hard to beat. Those who contemplate building should see his product at once, and they will be more than satisfied.

Another fine rain again Sunday, and you can hear the broad smile of the wheat fields as you pass by them. If this becomes a regular thing it will tax this part of the country to find storage room for the immense amount of grain that is sure to follow. The late-sown wheat, for which there were fears for a time, is responding to the rains and is making up for the late start.

The new bowling alley was dedicated last Friday night with a ball. The music was good, the floor ditto, and this, with a jolly lot of young folks, made it a delightful occasion.

It looks now as though the winter wheat would be a failure in this vicinity. Fortunately, there was but a small area sown last fall. The shortage, however, will be more than made up by the spring wheat, which promises an excellent yield.

As an evidence of the prosperity of the Waterville country, take the one item of buggies. All the dealers loaded up this spring with immense stocks and every load of freight coming up the canyon has two or three buggies on the trail. So well fixed have the ranchers become in this vicinity that one rarely sees a wagon on the street except when they come for a load of merchandise. Everyone has a buggy or hack and most have both. It looked as though the dealers were getting in so many that they would not be able to dispose of them but they go out almost as fast as they come in.