This article is from the Sept. 8, 1921 edition of the Waterville Empire-Press. This article attracted my attention because it reminds me that why there are horrible harvests, like this year, there are always great harvests as well as other difficult years somewhere in their future. In comparing the great harvest of a century ago with the hardships of this year, it reminds us of the stressful lives our farmers live to provide for us, as their livelihoods are dependent on so many things outside of our control.

Big wheat receipts for August

During the month of August, the Washington-Idaho Wheat Growers Association received 1,250,000 bushels of wheat, according to the announcement of A. C. Adams, secretary-treasurer of the organization. This amount is greater than the combined total of the two pools in 1920. A large portion of it came in the last ten days of August; during the early part of the month the receipts were light as harvesting had not been completed in many places.

Upon this wheat the association has advanced to growers approximately $900,000 or three-fourths of the value of the grain at this time it was accepted by the association. About $500,000 of this amount was cleared through the Exchange National Bank of Spokane; the sum of $350,000 was cleared through Seattle establishments.

Throughout the month the association was never more than a few days behind the receipt of warehouse tickets in getting the advances to the growers. At the present time it is about two days behind, the delay now being caused by the mass of work connected with moving vast quantities of wheat, and banking operations. Approximately 200,000 bushels regularly are in the process of being loaded.

“The amount of work attendant upon handling so much grain is almost inconceivable,” said Mr. Adams in making the announcement. “An added task, too, comes through the fact that many receipts sent in by member growers have not been properly filled out or are not so marked that they may be identified with the samples. Each grower is required by the War Finance Corporation, from which we have received several millions of dollars, to attach a personal note with his receipts. This note in no way adds to the farmer’s liability and is cancelled and returned immediately after his wheat is ordered out.”


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