This article is from the Dec. 1, 1921 edition of the Waterville Empire-Press. This article attracted my attention because this year shoppers are already being encouraged to get their Christmas shopping out of the way even though November has just begun, because of supply chain issues. Basically, with three children in my household, Christmas shopping is already on my mind. It reminded me of my childhood, searching through the Sears catalogue looking for all the things I wanted to ask Santa for. Going downtown, looking in the decorated windows and looking inside at all the Christmas additions meant the Christmas season had begun. Going to Sears, The Bon Marche, or the mall near my home town in December to visit Mr. Claus and see carolers and bands performing Christmas music was truly a magical experience.

The article also left me impressed with how many stores Waterville once had; it also leaves me a little sad that our town has moved on from those days. Still, with the movement of shopping to an online preference, we are seeing a drastic decrease in brick and mortar stores. Shopping malls are approaching extinction due to this trend as well. Sears catalogues have disappeared long ago; although, I did get an Amazon catalogue in my mailbox that my kids enjoyed looking at. Finding a place to visit Santa is becoming more and more difficult, especially in the time of COVID, but I’m sure that is one experience that will never go away.

All the tending towards online shopping makes me think that in another 100 years, somebody may very well be writing in amazement that we still did any of our shopping in person.

Getting ready for Christmas shoppers

Waterville stores are putting on their holiday attire this week and placing on display the Christmas lines of merchandise. Some very fine gifts may be seen in the different windows and by the end of the week, the stores will have elaborate stocks in shape for gift buying.

T. A. Thorp, local Jeweler, was the first to have interior decorations completed, and a very attractive window.

Shoppers will find prices very much lower than last season, and the quality of the goods better. While our merchants have not bought heavily, they have endeavored to have a wide range for selection and should enjoy a good holiday business.

The Empire-Press will carry advertisements each week, and we are sure it will be worth your while to read them carefully. The Fair store has a full page in this issue that should not escape your attention. Those who shop early will find it to their advantage, with a greater selection to choose from. This is a good year to shop in the home town. You will find ample stocks and right prices.


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