This article comes from the Feb. 16, 1922 edition of the Waterville Empire Press. It caught my eye because of the lack of crime for a year. Last year, I relayed some of the prohibition related arrest stories, but besides that Douglas County was an uneventful place to live as far as crime goes. It wows me how fast trials went through a century ago, with no one being held more than 10 days before sentencing.

Report of Sheriff’s office for 1921

In looking over our records of business for 1921, we thought it might interest the public to know what we have done.

We handled 381 cases last year, traveling about 16,000 miles. Ninety-one criminal arrests were made, fifty-five for violations of auto traffic laws; seven sent to the reformatory at Monroe; two sent to the training school at Chehalis; eight others convicted, and sentence suspended; eight convicted for violation of the prohibition law, two of them being sent to Walla Walla; six paid fines amounting to $1150; three were committed to Medical Lake on insanity charges.

We are not boasting of what we have done. Instead, we want to say it is a happy thought that we have as little crime as we do.

We have not had to call a jury for any criminal case in the last three years and have held no man longer than ten days before he got a sentence. Jury terms are expensive.

The records from other counties will prove to you that we have as clean a county as there is in the state. We feel proud of it.

We wish to cooperate with the taxpayers and citizens of the county, and anything you have to offer to encourage or assist in the enforcement of the laws of our state, will be appreciated.


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