This article from the Jan. 21, 1932 edition of the Waterville Empire-Press tells of a meeting in which Orondo residents expressed their preference for receiving phone service based in Waterville rather than Entiat. The article reveals the close connection between the two communities during that time. It also shows a slower pace of life. Imagine either member of the public or agency employees being willing to sit through a nine-hour meeting to discuss a simple matter of logistics such as this one?

Phone Hearing Held at Orondo

A crowd that filled the Community hall at Orondo was present Tuesday in attendance at the hearing of the telephone case before three members of the State Board of Public Works, from Olympia. The meeting was of unusual interest to residents of Orondo and Waterville and a large number of witnesses were called to the stand. The session lasted from 10 o’clock in the forenoon until nearly 7 o’clock in the evening.

The meeting grew out of a grievance of telephone patrons of the Orondo community relative to the switching of their exchange from Waterville to Entiat. They contend, and rightfully, that the exchange at Waterville is more convenient, that Entiat is in another county and that the Columbia River is a natural dividing line between the two counties. They claim that their business and social interests are centered in Waterville, that Waterville is the county seat of the county in which they reside, that the courthouse is located here, that a large number of residents of the Orondo district are identified with Waterville lodges, Waterville civic organizations and other public institutions which are located in Waterville and Douglas county. In addition to all this, there is no toll charge when Waterville is their exchange.

Practically all of the witnesses examined were in favor of the request as made by residents of the Orondo community and of the thirty or more subscribers of the phone company at Orondo, all but two or three favored Waterville.

The meeting was attended by approximately twenty-five businessmen of Waterville, and Orondo feels very grateful for the support accorded to that locality by the men from Waterville.

It is stated that it will be possibly a month or longer before a decision in the matter is handed down by the Board of Public Works.