April 8

East Wenatchee, scam: a woman reported she had received a call from someone claiming to be from the Publisher’s Clearing House and asking her to buy a $500 gift card in order to redeem her prize. She bought the card but did not give the card information to the caller.

April 9

East Wenatchee, graffiti: 100 block of N. Mary Ave., a fence was tagged with black graffiti.

East Wenatchee, burglary: 100 block of 4th St. S.W., a commercial burglar alarm went off. When deputies arrived to investigate they found that a door had been removed from its hinges, but there was no other damage or loss. The deputies could not locate anyone on the premises.

East Wenatchee, graffiti: 800 block of N. Ladd Ave., a fence was tagged with graffiti during the night.

Orondo, graffiti: McNeil Canyon Road Milepost 2, a road barrier was marked with black graffiti. The deputy sent photos of the graffiti to Transportation and Land Services and requested that they come to cover it up.

Bridgeport Bar, burglary: 100 block of 2nd St., the owner of a home believed that someone had tampered with his backdoor. Nothing was missing from the home. The case is under investigation.

East Wenatchee, assault: Hydro Park, a woman said that someone had slapped her during a verbal argument. The woman wanted to pursue charges and the person who slapped her was issued a criminal citation for assault.

Rock Island, trespass: 5500 Rock Island Road, a woman reported that a subject was trespassing on her property and would not leave. While the deputy was en route to the location, the woman reported that the subject had left. The woman said that she has had a continuing problem with this known person coming on the property. The deputy had not been able to locate the person by the time of the report.

April 10

East Wenatchee, graffiti: 200 block of N. Maus Ave., a fence was tagged with spray paint.

April 12

East Wenatchee, malicious mischief: 13000 block of Highway 2, the engines on a number of pieces of heavy equipment at a construction site were filled with sand and gravel. The case is under investigation.

Bridgeport Bar, burglary: 100 block of 2nd St., a man who had previously reported a suspected burglary at his home reported that his shop had been burglarized. He did not report anything missing. A subject was contacted but had a solid alibi. The case was closed.

East Wenatchee, assault: 4000 block of Bluecrest Drive, a woman reported that a man who she did not know had come to her front door and had punched her on the face when she opened the door. The woman did not have any red marks or swelling on her face, and no one was located in the area.

April 13

Rock Island, malicious mischief: 3rd St. S.W. and S. Garden Ave., somebody spun a vehicle in the gravel parking lot, damaging the grading in the lot. The vehicle was gone by the time deputies arrived.

Rock Island, fraud/forgery: a person ordered a Cricut cutting machine online and never received the machine. The seller did not respond to messages regarding the machine.

April 14

East Wenatchee, malicious mischief: 2000 block of N.W. Cascade Ave., two tires were slashed on a vehicle. There are no suspects.

Bridgeport Bar, malicious mischief: 800 block of Highway 173, somebody had spun around in a parking area during the past week, doing damage to the grading.

April 15

East Wenatchee, graffiti: 1900 block of Grant Road, letters had been spray-painted on the backside of a white fence. There are no suspects.

April 16

Orondo, suspicious: Beebe Bridge Park, a Blue Nissan Pathfinder with a single occupant was reported loitering around in the park. There was concern that the person may be watching children in the play area. The driver sped off after being contacted by security.

April 17

East Wenatchee, theft: 600 block of Larch Ave., an 8-foot section of retaining wall was taken. There are no suspects.

Rock Island, graffiti: 100 block of Island Loop, a fence was tagged. The deputy checked the area and found fresh graffiti on other fences as well. There are no suspects.

Rock Island, trespass: 5500 block of Rock Island Road, an individual who had returned to a property from which he had been trespassed was issued a citation for trespassing second degree.

April 18

East Wenatchee, malicious mischief: 2500 block of Highway 28, a house was egged. There was a suspect and the case was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review of charges.

East Wenatchee, graffiti: 400 block of S. Kentucky Ave., a fence was tagged. There are no suspects.

East Wenatchee, vehicle prowl: 2600 block of N. Baker Ave., someone cut the lock on a trailer at a construction site and took $5,000 worth of tools from inside. The case is under investigation.

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