Aug. 21

Orondo, malicious mischief: 100 block of Lakeview Avenue, three juvenile girls told their mother they had been harassed by three men while dumping the garbage. They said the men had approached their golf cart and kicked it. A deputy investigated the scene and the golf cart and came to the conclusion that the girls had had a collision with the golf cart. Upon questioning, the girls admitted they lied about the harassment because they were afraid to admit to having had the accident. Charges of making a false or misleading statement to a public servant were sent to the prosecutor’s office for review.

East Wenatchee, scam: A woman responded to a job advertisement for purchasing gift cards. She was sent a check for $2,300 from the supposed employer, and was asked to buy $1,900 in gift cards and send the card information. She deposited the check in her bank, purchased the cards and sent the information. Her bank notified her that the check was fraudulent. The case is inactive pending leads.

Aug. 22

East Wenatchee, drugs: A woman discovered a Snapchat that was a sales pitch for the drug Molly on her 15-year-old son’s phone. The case is under investigation.

Orondo, disturbance: 200 block of West Marine View Drive, the reporting party complained of being pushed to the ground by another man while in the middle of discussing a civil issue. The deputy noticed that the reporting party was obviously intoxicated. The man he accused of assault was contacted and several witnesses were interviewed. The deputy concluded that the man had pushed the reporting party in self defense. The reporting party was formally prohibited from returning to that residence.

Aug. 23

East Wenatchee, theft: 2500 block of Highway 28, a woman accused a repairman of taking a credit and debit card and $500 in cash from her bedroom dresser. The credit card was used at a business in Wenatchee before being canceled. The suspect was located and the case was still under investigation at the time of the report.

Waterville, suspicious: Someone reported receiving a suspicious text message from a person with whom there was a no-contact order in place. The case is under investigation.

Aug. 24

Orondo, vehicle prowl: 13900 block of Highway 2, a chainsaw valued at $300 was taken from the back of a truck either at a residence or the Orondo Market. The case is inactive pending leads.

East Wenatchee, vehicle theft: 500 block of Highline Drive, a woman reported that it appeared her daughter had taken her blue 2008 Subaru Outback, along with the vehicle title and the woman’s driver’s license. The woman believed her daughter drove the vehicle to Kent. The vehicle was entered as stolen and the Kent Police Department was notified, but had not yet located the vehicle at the time of the report.

Waterville, harass/threat: 100 block of West Maple Street, a woman reported that two known subjects were continually driving fast by her house and that one of them had been yelling threatening comments at her. She advised that this person had an arrest warrant. The warrant was confirmed with RiverCom and deputies took the man into custody.

Aug. 25

East Wenatchee, scam: A man received a call claiming to be from the Social Security Office, saying fraud had been committed in Texas using his personal information. The man gave his personal information to the caller. He was referred to the sheriff’s office website for information on identity theft.

East Wenatchee, theft: 2500 block of Sunset Way, a woman reported that she was missing over $100 in cash and a firearm. The woman said she had invited a friend from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that she met on Facebook to stay with her. She purchased a bus ticket for the friend to return to Baton Rouge, and after dropping the friend off at the bus stop, she noticed the items missing. The firearm was entered as stolen and the Baton Rouge Police Department was notified. The case was referred to the prosecutor’s office for review of charges.

Waterville, burglary: 200 block of West Ash Street, a generator, compressor and tool box filled with tools were taken from a garage. A suspect was questioned, but there was no indication to link the suspect with the burglary. The case is closed pending leads.

Aug. 26

East Wenatchee, scam: A woman received a call threatening that personal information had been used for fraudulent activity and that she would be liable to legal action if she did not respond. The woman gave her name only. She was referred to the identity theft information on the sheriff’s office website.