July 30

East Wenatchee, theft: 500 block of Highline Drive, a woman reported that her purse, containing $200 in cash, was taken from her room at an assisted living facility. There are no suspects.

July 31

East Wenatchee, fraud/forgery: BJ’s Lincoln Rock, a man said he had gone to pump gas, but the machine would not accept his credit card. He left without pumping gas but then noticed that his credit card had been charged $85. The man requested a case number so he could dispute the charge with his credit card company.

Waterville, disturbance: 100 block of Hummingbird Road, a deputy was called to a residence after multiple gunshots were heard coming from the location. The reporting party believed the person firing the gun was trying to get someone off of his property. The property owner was located in a truck on his way to follow the person who had been on his property. He was told to go home and wait for the deputy to address the issue. The property owner said someone had let the air out of one of the tires on his riding mower and he suspected it was the same person. The deputy later found the suspect, who denied having been at the residence. The case is under investigation.

Aug. 1

Mansfield, vehicle theft: Boulder Park Inc., a Cub Cadet side-by-side vehicle and trailer were taken sometime during the evening or night. Both were later located on Road L Northeast. The case is under investigation.

Aug. 3

East Wenatchee, vehicle prowl: 2200 block of North Devon Avenue, someone entered an unlocked vehicle during the night and took a wallet containing a debit card, military identification card, concealed carry permit and $30 cash. Someone used the debit card during the night to withdraw $500.

East Wenatchee, malicious mischief: 500 block of South Webb Avenue, a woman believed that someone with whom she was involved in a protection order had been placing nails under the tires of her vehicle. Her tire had run over nails and been punctured three times during a short period.

Aug. 4

Bridgeport, drugs: Highway 173 and Grange Road, a man reported finding a loaded syringe while cleaning an area. The deputy collected the syringe and disposed of it safely.

East Wenatchee, theft: Kirby Billingsley Hydro Park, a woman reported that someone stole her son’s bicycle which they had parked for about an hour on the side of the bathroom. The bicycle was valued at $50.

Aug. 5

Orondo, vehicle theft: Highway 97, milepost 226, a white tandem axle trailer carrying a 500-gallon tank full of fuel was taken from the location. The trailer and tank were last seen on Aug. 4. The sheriff’s office is still working with the victim to obtain more information about the trailer.

Rock Island, vehicle theft: 10 block of Nelson Siding Road, a man left his motorcycle idling in the parking area of Nelson’s Store and walked a distance away. Someone got on the motorcycle and sped off toward East Wenatchee. The man called later and said his motorcycle had been located and he did not want to give any information about the person who had taken it.

Rock Island, disturbance: Saunders Avenue and Rock Island Road, a man complained that a woman had tried to run him over while he was talking with a motorist in the street. The driver was contacted and gave her version of the story. The man was counseled that pedestrians only have the right of way while in a crosswalk. He admitted to having thrown a set of keys at the vehicle, which did not damage the vehicle. The driver was issued an citation for driving without a valid operator’s license.

Mansfield, accident: Bridgeport Hill Road, a motorist reported that a car had sped by him at about 100 mph and that soon he passed a cloud of dust and believed the car had been in an accident. The deputy located the vehicle in some brush. The driver was conscious, but had numerous injuries. There was an odor of alcohol on his breath. He was transported by helicopter to Central Washington Hospital. The deputy obtained a search warrant to test the driver’s blood and after the test was read the driver was cited for DUI.

Aug. 6

Rock Island, fraud/forgery: A woman noticed an unauthorized charge of $1,000 on her Capital One credit card. The charge was for an online purchase, which was shipped to Everett. The credit card company refunded her money and the card was canceled. The case is closed pending leads.

Waterville, harass/threat: 200 block of West Locust Street, a man said he was verbally harassed by a roommate as he tried to move out of a residence. He was provided information on obtaining a court protection order.

East Wenatchee, assault: Kirby Billingsley Hydro Park, a man claimed that two men he was familiar with had attempted to assault him and had driven off with his girlfriend in their vehicle. The sheriff’s office put out an attempt to locate for the men and the woman. The case is under investigation.