Sept. 17

East Wenatchee, vehicle prowl: 200 block of North Newton Avenue, a woman reported being contacted by a detective in Spokane County who had recovered her credit cards in a police action. The woman said her vehicle had been broken into Sept. 4 and her wallet, which contained $95 in gift cards, $80 in cash and several credit cards, had been taken. The car had been locked, and there were marks left on the door showing that someone apparently pried it open. The woman did not report the incident at the time.

Rock Island, theft: a 40-caliber Smith and Wesson firearm and Oakley sunglasses were missing from a vehicle. It was uncertain when the items were taken.

Sept. 18

Waterville, trespass: 0 block of Redfield Road, three people went onto private property to chase a deer that one had shot with an arrow. They were issued citations for second-degree trespassing.

East Wenatchee, theft: 1700 block of Gary Street Northeast, a check that was part of an outgoing bill payment was stolen out of a mailbox. The check was canceled before it was cashed.

Orondo, no injury accident: 100 block of Brays Landing Road, a man complained that he had been in an accident two days prior in which the driver of the offending vehicle asked him not to report the accident and promised to pay damages. When the man contacted the driver asking for $2,164 in damages, she refused to pay. The deputy advised the man that since the accident was not reported on the scene the matter was now a civil issue and he would have to resolve it with the other driver.

Sept. 19

Bridgeport, burglary: 300 block of 22nd Street, a residence was entered during the day and a wallet with $550 in it was taken. An earring and hair tie were left at the scene. The residence had been locked and there was no indication how the burglar entered.

Sept. 20

Bridgeport, burglary: 2200 block of Columbia Boulevard, the owner of a vacant house complained that people had been in the house. The deputy gave the owner information about how to secure the house.

Sept. 21

Waterville, burglary: 300 block of Sunrise Way, a neighbor noticed that a window and front door of a house were open. A deputy secured the residence. The sheriff’s office is still waiting for additional information from the homeowner to determine if someone entered the residence.

Sept. 22

East Wenatchee, vehicle prowl: An unlocked vehicle was entered and a purse with a driver’s license, Social Security card and credit cards in it was taken. The owner of the purse contacted her bank and learned that someone had tried to use one of the credit cards for two transactions but the transactions had been declined. There are no suspects.

East Wenatchee, theft: Over $900 in marijuana paraphernalia and a purse containing a passport, green card, driver’s license, Social Security card and credit cards was missing from a residence. There are no suspects.

East Wenatchee, burglary: 1800 block of Rock Island Road, someone entered a shed within the last week, but the owner could not find anything missing.

Waterville, theft: 600 block of East Poplar Street, parents spotted a boy riding around town on their son’s bike, which was last seen in the front yard about a week prior. The owners later found the bike in town and took it home.

Waterville, scam: A man received a voicemail claiming to be from the Social Security Administration. He returned the call and was told to leave work immediately and withdraw all of the money out of his banking account except $100. He was to then go to the Walmart parking lot and contact the caller. When he called from the parking lot he was asked to purchase 10 gift cards of $500 each. While purchasing the cards the teller advised the man that this was a scam and he did not continue with the purchase.

Sept. 23

Palisades, theft: 1800 block of Palisades Road, two antique trunks and tools valued at $1,200 were missing from a residence after relatives left. The case is under investigation.