Dec. 4

Bridgeport, scam: The reporting party received a call telling him that the caller represented a police department and there was a warrant out for the reporting party's arrest. The reporting party was asked to pay $960 to avoid going to jail, and he or she sent this money to the address given.

Dec. 5

Bridgeport, vehicle prowl: 2100 block of Columbia Avenue, a woman looked outside her window about 11:30 p.m. and saw two men inside her SUV. The men quickly fled in another vehicle. The next morning the woman saw that her first-aid kit and cellphone charger were missing from the vehicle. She then called the sheriff's office to report the incident.

Bridgeport Bar, fraud/forgery: The reporting party received a call from someone who claimed to be from the Social Security Administration and said a car containing drugs and illegal money was found in Texas registered in the reporting party's name. The caller attempted to obtain personal informal from the reporting party, but he or she recognized the call as a scam and hung up without giving out any information.

Dec. 6

East Wenatchee, malicious mischief: 2400 block of Third Street Northeast, someone scratched each panel and glass surface of a car parked outside a residence overnight. The person also unlatched the hood and poured gravel into engine parts. There are no suspects.

Rock Island, suspicious: Rock Island Dam, suspicious papers related to dam security were found in one of the buildings of the dam. The papers were turned over to a supervisor of the dam for review.

Orondo, fraud/forgery: 100 block of Lakeview Avenue, a woman received a call from someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration and telling her that a car rented out in her name had been found with cocaine in it and there was a warrant out for her arrest. The woman purchased and sent information for gift cards valued at $500, $245 and $175 to the address provided.

Dec. 7

Waterville, animal problem: 100 block of Sagebrush Road, a dog running at-large bit the ear of a neighbor's pig. The case was forwarded to the humane society for review.

Dec. 9

Bridgeport, theft: 400 block of Columbia Avenue, a battery valued at $140 and the battery box valued at $48 were stolen from an RV sometime since Oct. 22. There are no suspects.

East Wenatchee, burglary: 400 block of South Kentucky Avenue, unknown perpetrators entered a residence between 7 a.m. and 3:10 p.m. and took $550 worth of household items. There were no signs of forced entry and it appears the burglars entered through an unlocked door.

East Wenatchee, theft: 2300 block of Fancher Heights Boulevard, a man wearing a dark hoodie was observed through a ring video doorbell program stealing packages with contents valued at $600 from the front porch of a residence. The deputy was unable to locate the perpetrator.

Dec. 10

East Wenatchee, vehicle prowl: 500 block of South Iowa Avenue, a lock was cut off the door of a motor home while the owner was away for 35 days, and a television set and laptop computer valued at $500 were taken from inside.

East Wenatchee, fraud/forgery: 400 block of South Kentucky Avenue, a person responded to a posting for an iPhone on eBay and sent five $100 gift cards to pay for the phone. The person did not receive the phone and contacted eBay to find that the transaction was not in their records.

Dec. 11

East Wenatchee, burglary: 2200 block of Grand Avenue, an elderly woman living alone woke up in the middle of the night to find a man standing at the foot of her bed. The man took all of the medications that were on her nightstand. He also ransacked an upstairs room that had been occupied by her niece before she moved out about a year ago. It doesn't appear that anything was stolen from the bedroom. Tracks were found to and from the home that were traced to a parking spot on Fancher Heights. The case is under investigation.

Dec. 12

Rimrock, burglary: 700 block of Coulee Meadows Road, a person watching a residence noticed that the gate had been left open and there were fresh footprints in the yard. It appeared that someone had tried unsuccessfully to gain entry through a back window. A fingerprint on the window was taken as evidence.

Waterville, suspicious: 100 block of South Jefferson Street, the inside of a parked vehicle smells like alcohol and cigarette smoke each morning. Nothing has been taken from the vehicle. The vehicle has been locked at night, but it is possible that someone is finding a way to open the door in order to take shelter inside. The sheriff's office will increase patrols.