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Devyn Klinginsmith prepares to shoot a free throw with Cole Koenig (11) ready. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

Devyn Klinginsmith prepares to shoot a free throw with Cole Koenig (11) ready. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)


By James Robinson

Empire Press Correspondent

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Sarah Mullen shoots a free throw with Justine Clements (24) watching. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

WATERVILLE ? Waterville/Mansfield hosted Lake Roosevelt at the Shocker Dome on Jan. 6.

The Shocker junior varsity girls overpowered the Raiders girls 53-20.

Scoring for Waterville/Mansfield were Emily Thomsen (11 points), Meredith Mittelstaedt (10 points), Joslyn Lucero (8 points), Ella Osborne (6 points), Haley Vargas (6 points), Presley Avenell (5 points), Mckenna Gurnard (5 points),?Katelyn Donaglia?(1 point)?and Seantel Foster (1 point).

The Shocker junior varsity boys?came up short in their game, losing to?the Raiders 51-38.

Scoring for?Waterville/Mansfield were?Anthony Ochoa (8 points), Evan Simmons (8 points),?Mauricio?Negrete (6 points), Kody Angus (4 points), Travis Prey (4 points), Jaylen Hope (4 points), Eli Van Lith (2 points)?and Xavier Tedder (2 points).

In girls varsity action, Lake Roosevelt got the best of Waterville/Mansfield winning 35-26.

The?Shockers played hard and fast but their shots just did not go in.?Their shooting percentage was one of their lowest of the season.

At the end of the first quarter the teams were tied 9-9.?At halftime the Shockers led 18-16. The Raiders took the lead, 27-24, at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, the Shockers only scored?2 points on two free throws by Codee Fry.

The Raiders on-ball pressure irritated the Shockers offense all night, and kept them from getting into any flow.

Scoring for?Waterville/Mansfield were Elizabeth Katovich (8 points), Codee Fry (6 points), Justine Clements (3 points), Lexi Deishl (3 points), Meredith Mittelstaedt (2 points), Sarah Mullen (2 points)?and Alyssa Hansen (2 points).

The Shocker girls still hold second place in the CW2B League, but will need to turn things on over the final month of the season to keep pace with Brewster.

After only scoring 29 points in a loss to Oroville on?Jan. 4,?the Shockers boys offense came out firing in a 60-47 win over Lake Roosevelt in varsity action.

Waterville/Mansfield grabbed the lead in the first quarter, 14-9. By?halftime, the Shockers’ play was even stronger?with a score of 27-16?and?they advanced further by the end of the third quarter, 45-27.

As a team, the Shockers shot 64 percent from the field compared to 28 percent for Lake Roosevelt.

Scoring for?Waterville/Mansfield were Devyn Klinginsmith (19 points), Jacob Stibal (16 points), Jordan Davis (10 points), Will Osborne (7 points), Cole Koenig (3 points), Ethan Petersen (2 points), Kayden Browning (2 points)?and Kyler Borden (1 point).

World sports staff contributed to this story.