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Travis Prey (22), Jaylyn Hope (24), Anthony Ochoa (42), Mauricio Negrete (11) in junior varsity play against Manson. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

Travis Prey (22), Jaylyn Hope (24), Anthony Ochoa (42), Mauricio?Negrete (11) in junior varsity play against Manson. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)


By James Robinson

Empire Press Correspondent

0125_ep_shockers basketball manson 2

In varsity play, Sarah Mullen shoots a free throw as Codee Fry (52) watches. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

WATERVILLE ? The Waterville/Mansfield Shockers played host to the Manson Trojans on Jan. 18.

In the first contest of the evening,?the Shocker girls junior varsity team ? made up of one sophomore, three freshmen, and six eighth graders ? played well and won easily over the less experienced Trojan girls, 55-17.

Waterville/Mansfield led the first quarter 14-4. In the second quarter, the Trojans were unable to score and the Shockers scored 14 more points. Manson?scored 8 points in the third quarter while the Shocker girls scored 18 points. In the final quarter, the Trojans scored 5 points?while the Shockers continued to move ahead with 9 points.

Scoring for the Shockers?were Emily Thomsen (15 points), Ella Osborne (8 points), Haley Vargas (8 points), Presley Avenell (7 points), Joslyn Lucero (6 points), Mckenna Gurnard (5 points), Meredith Mittelstaedt (2 points),?Katelyn Donaglia (2 points) and Bailey Viebrock (2 points).

0125_ep_shockers basketball manson 4

Junior varsity players Presley Avenell, Baily Viebrock, Joslyn Lucero and Meredith Mittelstaedt in action. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

The junior varsity boys contest started out to be well matched but in the end?Waterville/Mansfield fell to Manson, 70-44.?The Trojans were fast, excellent shooters, with good ball handling skills. The Shockers, on the other hand, had some passing turnovers and had the ball stolen away while dribbling.

At the end of the first quarter, the Trojans were in the lead 12-9. At halftime, the Shockers trailed 32-20. Manson continued moving ahead over Waterville/Mansfield and at the end of the third quarter the score was 47-29.

Scoring for the Shockers?were Anthony Ochoa (13 points), Kody Angus (13 points), Evan Simmons (7 points), Travis Prey (4 points), Jaylen Hope (3 points), TJ Moser (2 points) and?Mauricio?Negrete?(2 points).

In girls varsity action, Waterville/Mansfield?captured a low-scoring 29-17 win from Manson. The Shockers dominated the game?in the first quarter, 12-2. In the second quarter, the Trojans were?unable to score while the Shockers scored 8 points. Manson made a small comeback in the third quarter scoring?12 points but?only?3 points in the fourth quarter. The Shockers added 9 points in the second half.

0125_ep_shockers basketball manson 1

Ethan Petersen make a 3-point shot with Johnny Mullen (15) in front during varsity action. (Empire Press photo/James Robinson)

Scoring for the Shockers were Justine Clements (9 points), Meredith Mittelstaedt (6 points), Sarah Mullen (5 points), Elizabeth Katovich (3 points), Brooke Willms (3 points), Alex Poppie (2 points) and Codee Fry (1 point). Willms had one 3-point score, Mittelstaedt had two 3-point scores, and Clements had three 3-point scores.

The boys varsity game was a proverbial barn-burner with lead changes and tied scores too numerous to count. In the end, Waterville/Mansfield?grabbed a 3-point win over Manson, 48-45.

The game started with neither team making its shots nor getting many offensive rebounds. The first quarter ended with the Shockers ahead 8-7. The second quarter pace was fast but again low scoring. At halftime the Shockers once again had a 1-point lead over the Trojans, 15-14. The third quarter was a repeat of the first half with both teams playing equally well on defense but not much on offensive. At the end of the third quarter, Waterville/Mansfield kept a 32-30 lead over Manson. The fourth quarter kept the crowd engaged with lead changes going back and forth as each team fought for the win.

Scoring for the Shockers?were Devyn Klinginsmith (14 points), Cole Koenig (8 points), Jordan Davis (6 points), Johnny Mullen (6 points), Angel Lucero (5 points), Jacob Stibal (4 points), Will Osborne (3 points) and?Ben Garnica?(2 points). Davis, Lucero?and Osborne?each scored 3-point shots.

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