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By Eric Tegethoff Washington News Service SEATTLE — While people often think of school as a place to learn reading and math, schools also have another important function. Washington state school districts are recognizing the vital role of social-emotional learning — that is, supporting child…

SEATTLE — The U.S. House was set to vote this week on a bill that would add federal protections to four lower Snake River dams. Conservation groups are concerned it would spell doom for salmon and steelhead in the Northwest, which already have seen sharply reduced runs because of the dams.

By Eric Tegethoff Washington News Service FORKS — The Washington Legislature has set aside $1 million in the capital budget for management of land and rivers on the Olympic Peninsula, home to forests recognized the world over. It also will become the site of an experiment in restoration. The…

SEATTLE — March is the month in which many people start planning vacations, and health advocates say it’s not too early to start thinking about food safety, especially if you’re going out of the country.

The recent devastating video of a starving polar bear has pulled on Americans’ heartstrings. And scientists say West Coast orcas are in a similarly dire situation.

Eric Tegethoff Washington News Service SEATTLE — What if states had the resources to prevent animals from ending up on the Endangered Species list? A bill introduced in Congress aims to do just that. Known as the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, it would fund states’ wildlife management ef…

By Eric Tegethoff Washington News Service SEATTLE — All across the U.S. at this time of year, 55 million children head back to school, walking and biking to class. AAA Washington reminds drivers that speed limits in school zones are reduced for a reason. Jennifer Cook, a spokeswoman for AAA …

SEATTLE — It’s an exciting time of year for students heading off to college for the first time, but with that independence comes new responsibilities. One of the most important is financial responsibilities.

SPOKANE — Two utility companies in Washington have been awarded $3.5 million each from the state’s Clean Energy Fund for research into making city electric grids more efficient. Their projects are just the beginning of efforts to make cities smarter. 

OLYMPIA — The clock is ticking again this year for the Washington State Legislature to figure out how to address the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision that requires the state to properly fund schools.

SEATTLE — Consumer and public health advocates are applauding the latest pledge by a fast food chain to phase out its use of chickens raised on antibiotics.

OLYMPIA — Students receiving the State Need Grant are urging the Washington State Legislature to fully fund the grant program so that more students can afford higher education.

SEATTLE — Actor Michael J. Fox put a face on a disease that plagues about a million people in the United States. Parkinson’s is a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder that causes shaking, tremors and a loss of balance.

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