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OLYMPIA — Following last week’s rapid-fire vote on a bill to exempt the Legislature from state public records laws, lawmakers are going into damage control with public backlash mounting.

OLYMPIA — One of the year’s most important legislative battles in Washington state came to a surprisingly quick conclusion Jan. 18 when a water-use bill passed both chambers and was sent to the desk of Gov. Jay Inslee. It was signed by Gov. Inslee Jan. 19.

OLYMPIA — In an effort to tackle the opioid addiction epidemic, state legislators, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee are rolling out legislation to limit opioid prescriptions and invest in drug treatment infrastructure.

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee expressed a defiant attitude toward U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who announced on Jan. 4 the rescinding of Obama-era guidelines that assisted the legalization of non-medical marijuana in Washington, seven other states and the District of Columbia.

What an amazing year for World's Best! This competition has never been as competitive as it was for 2021! The community known competition saw more than 13,000 nominations in round 1 which made up more than 2,300 businesses, people, and places across our community.

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