The visiting Waterville-Mansfield softball team on April 26 got a pair of wins against Central Washington 1B League counterparts Pateros near the mouth of the Methow.

The Shockers won the first game 14-8 and the second game 13-12.

Both games were high scoring and relatively close – both contests went to the standard seven innings of play. For the Shockers, pitcher Ari Salcido did well in the circle, picking up a pair of wins for the visiting squad. In the first game, Salcido recorded a staggering 13 strikeouts while only walking two batters. The first five batters of Waterville-Mansfield’s lineup have really been hitting the ball well throughout the season, and that continued for coach Ruben Salcido on Thursday.

“We have just been making really solid contact in the first two-thirds of the lineup,” Ruben Salcido said after the game. “It’s been like that practically the whole year and I really like what I have been seeing out of some of the younger girls at the bottom of the lineup as of late as well.”

The Shockers got out to a comfortable lead at the beginning of the first contest and was able to shut the door. Ari Salcido had four hits at the dish to enhance her performance while Codee Reed and Ella Osborne added three hits apiece.

“Our bats were really going and our pitcher was doing well,” Ruben Salcido said. “We played great defense, we kept the ball in front of us and we made the outs when they counted the most.”

The second game was more uncomfortable than the first for Waterville-Mansfield, who was able to squeak out a 13-12 win over the Nannies.

The Shockers trailed 6-5 in the fourth quarter and re-entered Ari Salcido in the circle. The result was a 10-10 draw after six innings heading into the decisive seventh frame.

The Shockers would respond in the seventh inning by scoring three runs in the top of the frame and took a 13-10 into the bottom half of the inning. After the Nannies scored two runs in the bottom of the frame and had runners on the corners, the count was full when a Pateros player rocketed a ball at freshman second baseman Makenna Gurnard. Gurnard was able to corral the ball and throw to first base for the last out of the game.

“It was a great play and a really good game, both games were actually really good,” Ruben Salcido said after the game. “Makenna did a great job through both of the first two games and had no errors. Balls were getting hit to her all game and she never faltered. It was a good performance both at the plate and in the field.”

Reed and Alyssa Hansen both recorded three-hit games in the second contest.