Clockwise from the left: Hoophouse is up and running, and doubles as a sauna. Potatoes and peas thriving along the western edge of the garden. Dutch bucket tomatoes are still alive as I try to get the nutrients correct. This year, the strawberries have company: garlic, peas, and lettuces.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row.

I've always loved that poem. As a child, I envisioned a stubborn "Mary" planting her garden in a way she thought appropriate. After researching, I see there is much debate on the who, what, and why, and I will just stick to the gardening references.

Silverbell is a tree that produces white bell-shaped flowers in spring. Cockle shell is a unique and beautiful orchid.

The Waterville Community Garden is hosting another Do-Not-Miss-If-You-Love-Gardening event

on Saturday, May 19 from 1-to-2 p.m. Master Gardener David Larson will be there to critique, analyze, and suggest strategies for our beds. I invite you all to attend; I can see thumbs turning green with envy already!

Speaking of green, the whole town of Waterville is in a state of splendor! My garden is enormously green. It seems the weather has been perfect for gardening. With the large amount of snow we received last winter, many plants are still thriving on their reserves.

My hoop house is doing well, though a little tweaking due to the high winds was in order. I have Cherokee Purple tomatoes flowering, and a few cucumber and pepper plants slowly getting used to the idea of "no soil.” You could almost hear them refusing to grow, but even after much protest, they are finally growing.

This year, my garden grows with much more courage. Having a Master Gardener giving you personalized advice makes you much more daring to try new things! See you Saturday at the CG!