A colorful first day of composting.

It was recently brought to my attention that since we are eating more healthily, a great amount of potential composting materials have been ending up in our trash. We already recycle everything we possibly can. We have a cardboard bin, aluminum can bin, plastic bottle bin, and a paper bin. And our local Waterville recycling center is open twice a week, which makes it very easy to do our part. Now, we also have an indoor composting bin!


The composting bucket lid askew with reminders of what and what not to add.

I grabbed a 5-gallon bucket and a lid, placed a large trash bag down inside, and dumped in some ends and pieces from carrots, lettuce, celery, and green onion. Throughout the day, people added coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells, and orange peels. I threw in a couple of used paper towels for good measure and as soon as I get access to some dirt, I will add a little to the top. The dirt situation is a bit muddy (or still covered in snow).

You're supposed to stir it and make sure it doesn't get too moist. If it does, I am to add shredded paper and more dirt. One thing the internet made perfectly clear was that it would need air and that it should never stink. If it stinks, then something is definitely wrong. It could be that someone might have thrown in meat, fish, dairy or fat, all of which are no-nos. One other thing I found out is not to put sunflower seed shells since they are allelopathic and can curtail plant growth. I was a little disappointed since I eat a lot of sunflower seeds.

Everyone seems pretty excited and diligent so far. I am surprised that it doesn't stink! A lot of people drill holes in the lid or put a screen over the top. I just set the lid askew and keep watch like it's a newborn baby. Right now I have the bucket in the kitchen right next to our trash can with reminder notes.

Composting helps less garbage end up in landfills. Using your kitchen waste, such as eggshells, coffee grounds, banana peels, fruits, vegetables, etc., feels homey and good. It adds an eco-friendly contribution to our global health. All those nutrients won't be going to waste and it can be added to your garden soil to promote growth.

I have never composted before and I am very excited to see how it turns out.