Icicle Creek Center for the Arts will be hosting a reading of “Three Viewings” by Wenatchee Valley’s Full Circle Theatre Company.

The live-streamed virtual event is free and starts at 7 p.m. March 3.

“Three Viewings,” written by Jeffrey Hatcher, is “darkly funny and touching,” according to Icicle Creeks news release. The play consists of three parts.

  • "Tell-Tale" is about a married mortician in love with a real estate broker who markets to the bereaved.
  • "The Thief of Tears" shares the story of an upper-class daughter who steals jewelry from corpses.
  • "Thirteen Things about Ed Carpolotti" takes viewers on a journey with a newly widowed woman who is rescued from beyond the grave.

Those interested in signing up can find the event at icicle.org.

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