Pybus Public Market, while best known for its refreshingly unique shops and variety of tempting dining options, is also a welcoming venue for the arts.

The Pybus Charitable Foundation makes an ongoing effort to support the arts in Wenatchee.

The Foundation’s Pybus Art mission states: “Our mission is to enhance art education in our community and support Pybus Charitable Foundation."

The statement hasn’t remained just words on paper, but can be seen in the many art events that have taken place under the high ceiling of Pybus Public Market. The building has hosted many a happy art camp for children and displayed the works of professional artists.

There has been room for all, be it visual, oral or auditory expressions.

The past two years, while the Foundation has worked on many projects, it has also diligently put together the upcoming Pybus Art Portfolio event, to be launched Sept. 23 in the Pybus Public Market concourse.

The event will display the reproductions of 10 local artists. The portfolio of the works will be available for purchase at $1,200 each. The public is invited to come and view the pieces and purchases can be made through Pybus Public Market.

Call 509-888-3900 or visit the business office.

Five artists who are in the Pybus Art Committee, namely Anne Gibbons, Marti Lyttle, Jan Cook Mack, Alessandra Piro and Robert Wilson, each invited one artist to contribute one of their works to go along with their own. The result is a varied and impressive collection of art.

Anne Gibbons extended an invitation to Nik Penny, Marti Lyttle to Jennifer Evenhus, Jan Cook Mack to Kmbris Bond, Alessandra Piro to Ruth Allan and Robert Wilson to Russ Hepl

  • Ruth Allan’s art is known, purchased and exhibited worldwide. A print of her clay pieces is in the portfolio.
  • Kmbris Bond, the Pybus poster winner of 2019, is a student of Jan Cook Mack’s and an art instructor herself. A reproduction of Bond’s “Dahlia” painting is in the collection.
  • Jennifer Evenhus creates contemporary art with an abstract feel. She uses pastels, oils and cold wax in her works.
  • Anne Gibbons creates welded sculptures from found objects. Her donation to the portfolio is “Winnie the Pig”.
  • Russ Hepler, an abstract artist who hopes to evoke spiritual feelings in the viewer, donated “No. 55” to the collection.
  • Marti Lyttle expresses the balance and beauty of what she sees around her with acrylics and mixed media. Her work “A Special Place” is in the portfolio.
  • Jan Cook Mack’s recreations of the natural beauty of the Wenatchee valley and beyond are well-known and cherished. She donated “Colchuck Glacier” to the collection.
  • Nik Penny works with textiles, wood and mixed media. Her donated work is titled “No!."
  • Alessandra Z. Piro makes abstract works based on real places using wax. She donated “Things not Spoken."
  • Robert Wilson is an abstract expressionist, using a minimalist and contemporary approach in his work. His donated work is “Spring Flowers."

John Barrett, who is also a Pybus Art committee member as well as a graphic designer and artist, produced the posters and helped with the procurement of the portfolios.

JoAnn Walker had the person ready to put it all into its final shape: Kirk Dietrich at Blind Renaissance. Dietrich had ordered a shipment of high-quality paper and a new printer with an improved color-spectrum to ensure the best possible results for this project. Dietrich also offered a $5,000 in-kind donation to benefit the Foundation’s portfolio project.

On Sept. 4 the Foundation hosted a preview evening of the portfolio works. They were on display in the Pybus LocalTel Event Room which was free for the public to attend. The artists were present, together with JoAnn Walker and the new Pybus executive director, Leslie Freytag.

The public is also welcome to visit the LocalTel Event Center at any time during normal business hours as the space is a continuous art gallery. The artist will change every six weeks.

The Pybus Art Committee and the Foundation are pleased to have this opportunity to support the local arts and to give the public the opportunity to buy an impressive collection while furthering the Foundation’s work to benefit the community.

Jaana Hatton is a Wenatchee-based freelance writer who is mainly interested in community building and the outdoors. She can be reached at