WENATCHEE — The Wenatchee Community Concert Association board voted to cancel its shows that had been scheduled Jan. 9 through May, due to ongoing state mandated COVID-19 restrictions.

“There’s a lot of people missing out this year,” said board member Richard Bliggenstorfer. “This would have been the Concert Association’s 84th season, “everyone’s disappointed.”

The Wenatchee High School, which has an auditorium that is used for the shows, will not be opening its doors for a concert until at least fall, he said.

Canceled shows include Hooray for Hollywood, originally planned to take place on Feb. 14, The Everly Set on March 21, and Seraph Brass on May 10.

Bliggenstorfer said other venues were looked at, but none of the alternatives could meet capacity needs. Hopefully this virus gets contained and the school can open its doors again, he said.

For information, go to wenatcheeconcerts.org.