Langley_Crossing to Safety #3.JPG

Shirray Langley's "Crossing to Safety" is part of Confluence Gallery's "The Color of Words" exhibit that runs Jan. 11-Feb. 23.

TWISP — If you ask an artist how literature has enlivened their imaginations and stimulated their creativity, “The Color of Words” is the result.

Confluence Gallery & Art Center’s new exhibit, which runs Jan. 11 through Feb. 23, is a nod to the literary arts.

“Reading broadens intellectual horizons, infuses life with depth and color, and brings other cultures and vantage points into one’s sphere of awareness,” said curator Penelope Varn. “Because of that, it also increases cognitive and affective empathy and improves social functioning. And add to that reading’s positive impact on memory, attention span and stress reduction. In short, reading changes lives while making the world a better and brighter place.”

She asked artists to render, in the media of their choice, the pieces of literature that most strongly impacted their art.

“The artists were urged to reach beyond the ordinary and wrench from the depths of their psyches the sentiments imprinted upon them by the stories and poems they have read, to elevate the banal and to cast it in a light yet to be fathomed,” she said.

Featured artists include Dan Brown, Ephraim Brown, Gregg Caudell, Phyllis emmert, Janet Fagan, Perri Howard, Shirray Langley, Sarah Jo Lightner, Teresa Magel, Joanne Marracci, Brian Sholdt, Jason Stenhouse, Jim Stoccardo, Whiting Tennis, Victoria Weber, Larry Weiner and Vern White. Handmade books from various artists also are part of the exhibit.

The gallery, 104 Glover St. S. in Twisp, is partnering in the exhibit with Friends of the Winthrop Public Library. A portion of the proceeds from the show will benefit the library.

The opening reception is 5 to 7 p.m. Jan. 11. Admission is free.

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