WENATCHEE — Who lives in a pineapple under the sea on the Wenatchee High School stage? It’s “The SpongeBob Musical,” a 12-time Tony Award-nominated Broadway musical based on the TV cartoon series. This local production, which opens Thursday, is the 18th biennial district musical in which everyone from 2nd-12th grade who auditions is included.

Each year’s ticket sales support the next production. Co-producer Christy Shearer, one of many dedicated parent-volunteers, said “we pinch every penny twice” about the last show “Matilda” in 2019 funding this year’s “SpongeBob” and so forth. Shearer’s daughter, Catelyn, started with the district musical as a sheep in “Shrek” at age 8, and she is now a junior who plays the mayor of Bikini Bottom, who walks around on the phone all the time.

Jessica Drake: (509) 661-5213


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