Samantha Birks Fisher's solo exhibit "Wish You Were Here,” are on display at Collapse Gallery through Nov. 27.

The Ellensburg artist describes her work as reflective nostalgia, which is to be contrasted with restorative nostalgia.

“Restorative nostalgia looks back longingly on the past, sometimes in unhealthy ways, wanting to relive and revive the past, whereas reflective nostalgia knows the past cannot be relived but savors the memories,” she said via press release. “Reflective nostalgia can appreciate the aesthetic and sentiment of the past but knows that it is not the same for everyone and what they experienced.”

Birks Fisher said her paintings as relying on nostalgia and a “pure appreciation of marks and brush strokes on surfaces.”

“The history of the painting is laid bare on the canvas, as well as the historical context of the images create a language that is both personal to me and hopefully relevant to the viewer as well,” she wrote.

Collapse Contemporary Art Gallery is at 115 S. Wenatchee Ave.

Ian Dunn: (509) 664-7157

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