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Hans Hessburg is playing bass with Dragged Under on a national tour in January and February. The Seattle-area band is opening for The Users.

WENATCHEE — Hans Hessburg, who went missing last month from Leavenworth’s live music scene, has been found.

In January, he swapped the acoustic guitar featured in his appearances at The Alley Cafe, Mozart’s, STEIN and Bushel and Bee for a bass guitar he’s playing on a national tour with Dragged Under, a Seattle area punk rock band that is opening for The Used, an emo, punk rock, heavy metal band he grew up listening to.

Hessburg joined Dragged Under in November.

“They reached out to him to see if he could fill in on bass and backing vocals on a Tuesday, and they headlined the Hard Rock in Seattle that same Friday,” reports Johnette Hessburg, Hans’ mother. “The rest is history!”

Other Dragged Under band members are Kalen Anderson, Tony Cappocchi, Josh Wildhorn and Ryan Bruce.

Hans Hessburg is singing harmony and playing bass for the band on the tour that started Jan. 21 in the Los Angeles area followed by shows in Sacramento, Portland, Salt Lake, Englewood, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

They’ve played Buffalo, Baltimore and Boston and then went on to New York and Philadelphia. They play Atlanta on Valentine’s Day, followed by Orlando, Dallas, Austin, Albuquerque, Phoenix and Flagstaff. They will finish up the tour Feb. 25 in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Traveling by van to the next city after completing the show, so far, they have run into torrential rains, snow, sleet and ice, Johnette Hessburg said.

“They finish about midnight, pack up and head on the interstates to the next venue, try to catch a few hours rest, and perform again,” she said.

This is Hessburg’s second national tour. He toured in 2017 with He Is We.

It’s not a big surprise, his mom said. Music has been his passion.

“It’s exciting and such a huge and wild opportunity for him to be on tour with his childhood heroes,” she said.

Before graduating from Wenatchee High School in 2006, Hans Hessburg was in the choir and orchestra, as well as a member of Four-Tune Hunters male vocal group, in between his sports activities. He went on to study bass at Central Washington University.

In addition to playing the local music and winery venues, he plays cello for some yoga sessions in Leavenworth and Wenatchee and teaches guitar lessons.

He splits his time between Leavenworth and Wenatchee.

“He lives in Leavenworth in the summer when shows and lessons are busiest, and Wenatchee when the tourist season has slowed down,” Johnette Hessburg said. “He really keeps to himself when he’s not playing shows or teaching so the quiet rural part of the city is quite appealing to him, being an extroverted introvert.”

Until, apparently, he picks up a bass guitar. Then all bets are off.

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