Harriet Bullitt portrait

Harriet Bullitt poses for a portrait with husband, Alex, and their dog, Roki, with Sleeping Lady visible in the background.

LEAVENWORTH — On its 25th anniversary, Icicle Creek Center for the Arts is pleased to host a virtual event for founder Harriet Bullitt to celebrate her 96th birthday and honor her steadfast commitment to arts education.

The event will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday and will be live-streamed through the organization’s YouTube account. It can also be found at icicle.org under the events section.

This year’s party is unique as Icicle Creek is showcasing some of Bullitt’s favorite acts from past parties, as well as sentimental statements and birthday wishes from some of her favorite artists and friends.

The acts for this year’s party range back to Bullitt’s 90th birthday in 2015. Names like Overton Berry, Misha Myznikov, Oksana Ejokina, Andre Ferriante and many more are set to take the virtual stage.

Typically reserved as an invite-only celebration and important fundraiser, Icicle Creek is happy to announce that this year, everyone is invited to the party and encouraged to take part in the annual tradition of making a financial contribution to honor Harriet's birthday and support youth education in North Central Washington. ICCA education programs include the Youth Orchestra, Summer Symphony, Theater Camps in Acting and Music and the beloved Chamber Music Festival and Institute.

“We are blessed to have a friend like Harriet Bullitt with her vision to build a legacy of arts appreciation and education," said ICCA Executive Director Rebecca Ryker. "It is an honor to carry out her desire that every child have access to art education through the programs at Icicle Creek and it is up to all of us now to keep her lifelong commitment alive and well.”

Icicle Creek Center for the Arts Icicle Creek Center for the Arts was founded in 1995 by Harriet Bullitt and the late Wilfred Woods. Located on a 14-acre campus three miles outside of the City of Leavenworth, it provides arts education to more than 6,000 students around NCW each year and offers a full performance season that draws more than 10,000 audience members annually and relies on support through individual donation, ticket and education program sales, grants and sponsorships.

Mason Elliot is marketing manager for Icicle Creek Center for the Arts in Leavenworth.