One strum at a time, Wenatchee-born artist Adam Bristow is looking to be heard.

As a live performer known as “son, rise,” Bristow is a singer and songwriter. Behind the stage, he is a busy artist, working on a full-scale EP with a band, making his own arrangements.

“I’m kind of in an experimental period right now,” he said. Bristow is dabbling with a little bit of rock and roll, reggae, some classical flamenco and a small dose of bang-your-head-type metal.

His music, he said, is often inspired by what he sees out in nature, away from city noises. “It quiets my mind and lets the creative flow of the universe move through me,” he said

Out there, it just becomes quiet, he said. Fresh air invigorates the mind.

When it comes to making tracks, Bristow does not have a specific approach. The creative process varies. Sometimes it takes days to come up with a verse for a guitar riff, sometimes years, he said.

“It’ll either come to me right when I lay down to bed ... or it’ll be a life experience that I want to write something about,” he said.

Bristow got involved in the Wenatchee music scene a couple years ago at an open mic night. A bunch of his friends gathered up that evening, jammed out and showed how far their different styles of music could go.

It kind of took off from there, he said. Since then, Bristow has performed at local music events, most of which put on by the Greater Height’s music collective.

Greater Heights is a group of Wenatchee-based artists helping to bring community members together through music. The collective puts on monthly “blender” events, providing a platform for local music artists like Bristow.

His upcoming release is a blues rock-type single called “She Devil.” The song is about a man whose lover took everything away from him.

It is a journey about being taken advantage of and “feeling like you’ve just been left behind,” he said. Everyone can relate to it in some way.

Down the line, Bristow plans to release a full album and a music video.

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