“Weird Al” Yankovic

Wenatchee World: How did you get the idea for the “Strings Attached” tour?

“Weird Al” Yankovic: In 2016, I was asked to headline two nights at the Hollywood Bowl with their orchestra. It was such a magical experience that I asked my manager, “Do you think we can put together a whole tour like this?” And obviously, the answer was yes!

WW: What’s been the most fun?

Yankovic: I’m used to just playing with my band, so it’s a whole different kind of energy when you’ve got several dozen people up there on stage. The orchestra just adds so much gravitas to my stupid songs — it makes everything sound majestic.

WW: What’s the biggest challenge?

Yankovic: We’re working with local musicians and oftentimes they only are able to rehearse the afternoon of the actual show day — but everybody’s a complete pro and somehow they’re able to pull it off. The orchestras all sound amazing.

WW: How do you connect with the local symphony orchestras?

Yankovic: In most cases, veteran conductor and contractor Arnie Roth creates local orchestras by curating local musicians. In some cases, we’ve been asked to use established orchestras like the National Symphony at Wolf Trap in Washington, D.C., and the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks in Denver, and we happily oblige.

WW: What do you hope people will be talking about from the show the next day?

Yankovic: I hope they’re saying, “I can’t believe I spent $5,000 on Weird Al merch! What was I thinking??”

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