The third Leavenworth Summer Theater musical of the season, Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Pirates of Penzance,” opened Tuesday, featuring swashbuckling adventure and fun. It runs through Aug. 29.

Young Frederic has been accidentally apprenticed to a band of pirates, and is torn between his loathing of their trade, the duty of his apprenticeship, and his affection for the lovely Mabel.

Bumbling bobbies, a bevy of beautiful maidens, and a comical modern major general round out the cast of this delightful musical comedy featuring lilting melodies and clever patter songs in the absolute best British tradition.

Directed by Wenatchee favorite Paul Atwood, this hilarious show bursts to life at the Ski Hill Amphitheater for a rollicking two hours filled with gorgeous music and amazing slapstick comedy.

Alex Gallo and Ally Atwood play the young lovers, Frederic and Mabel, with Christopher Puckett as the Pirate King and Amanda Rife as Ruth.

And, in an unexpected and amazing premiere performance, Wenatchee music teacher Juel Iwaasa will appear as the Major General.

Tickets are selling quickly. Tickets and information are available at

Phil Lacey is executive director of Leavenworth Summer Theater.