Disney+ has become the streaming destination for all things Muppets, the beloved puppet characters created by Jim Henson back in 1955. These characters have had an outsize impact on pop culture for all ages for nearly seven decades. They’ve got relatives down on “Sesame Street” (premiering in 1969), and earned their own star-studded variety show in 1976. The Muppets movies from the ’80s and ’90s are unimpeachable classics, and the appeal of the Muppets shows no signs of stopping.

The Muppets collection on Disney+ currently includes the “Muppet Babies” animated series and favorite Muppet movies, including “The Muppet Movie,” “The Great Muppet Caper” and “A Muppet Christmas Carol” (all are rated G), as well as newer Muppet reboots, like the “Muppets Now” series and the movie “Muppets Most Wanted” (Rated PG for some mild action).

On Friday, they’ll add all five seasons of the beloved series “The Muppet Show,” including the fourth and fifth seasons, which have never been previously available. Join Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy and all the rest of the their muppety pals for comedy and music, along with the biggest stars of the late ’70s, including Steve Martin, Elton John, Liza Minnelli, Alice Cooper, Julie Andrews, Bernadette Peters, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Gene Kelly and Mark Hamill.

This is a great option for family-friendly entertainment, offering up a dose of nostalgia for parents and the chance to introduce kids to these beloved characters and their antics. Plus, if there are already any Muppet-obsessed children, the newly released seasons of “The Muppet Show” will be a thrill, and they’re just so rewatchable. So curl up and enjoy some quality time with these longtime fuzzy friends.