Leslie Ahrens oil painting "In Mother Nature’s Lap," is part of the "Wit & Whimsy" exhibit at Twisp's Confluence Gallery.

Confluence Gallery & Art Center is opening two new exhibits Nov. 23, one that’s fun and fanciful and the other that is as down to earth as they come.

The Main Gallery features “Wit & Whimsy”, curated by Gale Tucker and designed to lighten the mood.

“For a discipline with a healthy dose of absurdity at its roots, art can all too often take a serious and introspective path. But why? It doesn’t have to be this rigid, does it?” Tucker said. “In this show, I have asked artists to find the fun and fanciful in themselves. To dive into the depths of their humor and thrust it upon our eyes. The quirky, the little bit naughty, the childlike wonder. I have welcomed everything from the unexpected surprises tucked away in plain sight to the darkly comic in hopes that everyone finds a laugh on our walls during this holiday season.”

RuprechtCindyThe Gift of MotherCorn.jpg

Cindy Ruprecht's "The Gift of Mother Corn."

The second exhibit, in the Community Gallery, is Cindy Ruprecht’s “The Generosity of a Seed.”

“I started my seed-saving journey with more serious intent this year, by taking a nine-month seed-saving class,” Ruprecht said. “It was a no brainer to create art right along with it and all its beautiful twists and turns. My goal with this show is to give the seed the spotlight. To honor it’s generosity and abundance of life and to take notice of all the beautiful methods and ways of protecting this tiny bit of biodiversity and all its expressions.”

The exhibit opening and artist reception is 5 to 7 p.m. at the gallery, 104 Glover St. S. in Twisp. For information, call 509-997-2787.

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