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Free speech is important but we all must be responsible., along with its affiliated websites*, is a place for robust debate and sharing (interaction) among our members. This is especially through discussions about stories, blogs, and other forms of multimedia and content.

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Treat other participants politely

We encourage the building of friendships and social networks through our site. We live in a relatively small community – we are each other’s friends, neighbors, co-workers and family. Please respect fellow members. We encourage you to disclose in your membership profile your first and last name so that we can create and share a membership directory where you will be able to link your business information to your profile. We will not share phone and contact details on the site, but we will provide ways for members to securely contact one another.

The basics

We encourage members to stay on topic. Nothing is worse than going to a story and looking at a comment thread that goes off topic after the second posting.

Please use common sense for taste and decency because your mother, grandmother, kids or boss may be reading.

Keep your comments in good taste. No hate speech or hate symbols, which includes but is not limited to content that is degrading to someone's race, ethnicity, age, gender identity and sexual orientation. Avoid using abusive, obscene, profane or vulgar language. No sharing or uploading content of like nature. If you find a comment offensive or think it violates these standards, please “flag as inappropriate” so our moderators can review and remove it. We run a post-moderation site, everything that users write is immediately available online. We would like to keep our site running this way, however, abuse of our policies may result in pre-moderation. No one wants that.

Don't exploit people; don't exploit the medium is not a place for porn, self-promotion, mindless abuse, mining, pushing one's own agenda or anything else considered spam. No harassment, stalking, threats or intimidation, trolling, or flame wars. Do not disclose personal details of other members without their express consent. We reserve the right to ban repeat offenders temporarily or permanently.

Do respect copyright laws

We like people who post original content. If you are using material that is not original, play on the safe side and credit the source, or consider linking to it instead.

We encourage our members to share with others

We have added all of the standard types of sharing including e-mail, social media, and the like. If you find something you like and want to share it with your friends and family, even if they are not members of our site, please do so. Even non-members can see a number of articles each cycle. We have also included ways so that you can see what other members are recommending, sharing, and posting.

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