Micro sprinklers that really work like these at the Community Education Garden will be among the many irrigation possibilities covered during the free workshop on simple irrigation repairs on May 18.

Anyone frustrated by irrigation’s complexities of fittings, drippers and sprinklers might find relief by attending the free Simple Irrigation Repairs workshop presented Saturday, May 18. It takes place from 10 a.m. to noon at the Community Education Garden, 1100 N. Western Ave. in Wenatchee.

Empowering people to make their own basic repairs or minor alterations to common irrigation systems is a goal of the event, says Master Gardener Debbie Benbow, as well as “providing a basic understanding of different applications for different types of systems and heads.”

Benbow and Chuck Harnish will spend half an hour helping demystify irrigation systems, providing a basic understanding of what sprinkler heads and systems work best in various places. They’ll demonstrate such items as drip emitters, micro heads, repairs and such.

Additional guest speakers include Mike Hammer, Nick Alden and Barry Benbow.

S & W Irrigation supply is the event sponsor and is supplying some irrigation parts and supplies, which will allow for hands-on practice in the sometimes frustrating world of irrigation.

Visitors can try cutting and gluing PVC pipe, repairing and assembling drip system fittings and cleaning irrigation heads, explains Benbow.

Bring your pruners and loppers for a spring sharpening regimen; you can learn how to properly sharpen your tools or just watch. We don’t sharpen other tools.

A diagnostics clinic table will handle your gardening questions and problems, and you will have an opportunity to buy some handy gardening items and support our Master Gardener Foundation of Chelan County.

Simple Irrigation Repairs is the first in the free series of Master Gardener Third Saturdays in the Garden events for this year. Mark your calendar for these future events, all planned for 10 a.m to noon:

June 15: Bee a Junior Pollinator Biologist. Buzz through family-friendly, science-based stations to earn your certification.

July 20: What’s Eating Your Plant? Identify common insect pests and effective methods of control, from cultural to chemical. A foundation sales table will be available.

Aug. 17: Ninth Annual Tomato Gala: A festive tomato-tasting extravaganza! Experience new flavors and vote for your favorite tomatoes, in categories of heirloom, slicer, cherry types and paste. It will include a diagnostics clinic and foundation sales tables.

Sept. 21: Fall into Spring; Plant and Prepare Now for Next Year. Learn about perennials, bulbs, tubers, trees and grasses for year-round beauty and color. Another tool sharpening opportunity as well as diagnostics clinic and foundation sales tables.

For further information, phone the WSU Extension at 667-6540 weekdays, and before noon on Fridays.

A WSU Master Gardeners of Chelan County column appears weekly in The Wenatchee World. Mary Fran McClure is one of four columnists featured.