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Kacie Kappenman de Huanca and Jose Huanca Acosta, Wenatchee: Daughter, Moraya Christelle, Nov. 15

Emily Ayers Luke Sullivan, Wenatchee: Daughter, Marley Faith, Nov. 16

Serenity Scott and Alexander Harris, Wenatchee: Son, Caspian Doyle, Nov. 16

Allison and Lee Everhart, East Wenatchee: Son, David Benson, Nov. 17

Susana and Rodolfo, East Wenatchee: Son, Gael, Nov. 19

Ashley Stanaway and William Shipp, Wenatchee: Son, Hendrix Bodhi, Nov. 17

Melody O’Bryan and Shawn Fisher, Wenatchee: Son, Dylan Michael, Nov. 18

Emily and William Gant, Wenatchee: Son, Greyson Robert, Nov. 19

Grace Tapia and Jorge Hernandez, Wenatchee: Daughter, Ellameah, Nov. 19

Jessica and Breck Webley, Quincy: Son, Kellen Jett, Nov. 20

— Cala Flamond, World staff

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