Asimakoupoulos grave

Edwin Asimakoupoulos' grave. Greg Asimakoupoulos writes he "became much more drawn to the dawn" after his father's death.

The grandfather clock in the hallway had just chimed midnight. When the hearse arrived two hours later, a steady rain was falling in the darkness. I stood on the front porch of our home on Gellatly Street and watched the funeral director wheel the shroud-covered body of my pastor-father to the waiting car. Through a veil of tears, I watched the black mini-van drive away.

Faith, Values columnist Greg Asimakoupoulos

Greg Asimakoupoulos

Faith, Values

That night, I also watched for the dawn. More than ever, I wanted the darkness of night to dissolve into day. While a new day technically begins at midnight, dawn provides the tangible evidence that morning has broken. My broken heart longed for a new day that might help distance me from my grief.

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