Tomatoes are roasted in the oven to remove most of their water, then layered in a crust with cheese, basil and cracker crumbs and spread with a cheese, pimento and mayo topping.

If anything says “the end of summer,” it’s school buses and tomatoes. The bright yellow of the buses and the vivid colors of tomatoes — especially heirloom tomatoes — presage autumn’s changing leaves with almost the same palette.

Naturally you’ll want to make some salsa to can or freeze. Certainly you’ll want to make your secret signature pasta sauce to warm up winter nights. And surely you’ll want to enjoy tomatoes at their peak, whether your favorite way is in a drippy tomato sandwich or in a Caprese salad with milky fresh mozzarella and fragrant fresh basil anointed with your best olive oil. We have three additional ways you can enjoy fresh tomatoes this season: A cherry tomato conserve, a chicken-tortellini-tomato salad and a tomato pie topped with pimiento cheese.

Chicago Tribune

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