Keep It Simple | 6 office snacks to combat a hangry beast

I get hungry at work. A lot. And when it happens, the outcome is never good. 

To combat my inner hangry (think hungry and angry) beast, I started searching for snack ideas that help keep me full longer and don’t require a refrigerator. 

So check it: a list of healthy snacks to keep in your drawer at work that don’t require a mini fridge. 

1. Almonds

As boring and as bland as almonds can be, they are chock full of the good stuff. Biotin, vitamin E and magnesium are all great nutrients your body needs. And if they are just too boring to eat, mix in some dark chocolate chips, so you get the salty-sweet combo! Plus dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and other good things. 

2. Trail Mix

Making your own trail mix that has an abundance of the good stuff is another great snack for work. Try to find a combination of healthy fats and carbohydrates that will help provide energy for the day. Check out this guide to creating your own trail mixes at home.  

Be careful! Trail mixes that are store bought can be a trap for unhealthy fats and sugars. So if you do buy it from the store, consume in small amounts. 

3. Fruit/Dried fruit

Some fruits don’t require a fridge like oranges, apples, etc. But you could eat dried fruit, too. Dried fruit is another great option for a healthy snack. According to registered dietitian Cynthia Sass, “if you take one cup of grapes and remove the water, you’ll get about a quarter cup of raisins, so when fruit is dried the portion shrinks by about ¾.” Although the portions are smaller, you are getting the same amount of nutrients and eating less, resulting in a fuller tummy. 

Again, be wary of what you buy from the store. Some dried fruit has added sugar and preservatives, mitigating all healthy aspects. Here are some recipes that dry fruit in the oven.  

4. Nuts 

Nuts are another great snack to have stashed in your desk. Walnuts, peanuts, pistachios and almonds (like I said above) all contain nutrients, fiber and protein that will help you stay fuller longer. However, you should eat in moderation. In two cups of mixed nuts, there are over 1600 calories!

5. Water and  Tea

Many can confuse hunger with thirst, so make sure you are staying hydrated while you are at work. It’s easy to go without drinking anything while sitting at your desk, so make sure you carry a reusable water bottle to remind you to keep drinking. 

Another great option is to have tea available. Green tea helps boost your metabolism and has a ton of antioxidants. Personally, I always like to drink green tea after lunch. A little boost of caffeine never hurts. Black tea is also a great option and comes with many health benefits. 

6. Kale Chips

Kale Chips are a great option if you are craving something salty. Kale chips are super easy to make (you can also buy them from grocery stores too). Check out this recipe to make super-easy kale chips with all the fixins. You could also just use salt, pepper and olive oil if you don’t have all of those ingredients.