Keep It Simple | 4 tips to get you back into the groove

We’ve all had those weekends — the ones overflowing with laughter, smiles, drinking and eating — where you're completely exhausted by Monday. (For example, Halloween this weekend.) 

To help you feel as ready as you possibly can be for a Monday, especially for a Monday after a long weekend, check out these suggestions that have helped me in the past.  

1. Water is your friend

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and, again, hydrate. Water intake is crucial after a long, party-filled weekend. It may be annoying to head to the bathroom every hour, but your energy levels will definitely be thanking you. The number of health benefits from simply drinking water is insane. Not only does it flush toxins out of your system, it keeps your skin feeling moisturized and boosts your immune system. Bring a reusable water bottle (shop local - iLa Yoga carries these water bottles) with you to work and make it a goal to drink at least one to two full water bottles before you take lunch. 

2. Eat right

I repeat this element quite a bit, but the truth behind eating right doesn’t lie. Start your Monday morning with a hearty breakfast — and don’t skip it! Actually, you should never skip breakfast. Anyway, eating breakfast, especially when you’re exhausted, will help you sustain the energy you are lacking until lunch. As hard as it can be to get up 20 minutes earlier, it will be worth it when you have the focus and energy you need to face your boss for your weekly meetings. 

After you get through your tough morning, continue opting for healthy choices. Lunch should be a balanced meal, including veggies, fruit, a lean source of protein and a healthy carbohydrate like brown rice or a sweet potato. Dinner should also consist of the same thing, but ditch the starch. 

3. Plan for your week

By the end of Monday, your energy levels have finally rediscovered themselves and you feel ready for the day — but it’s 6 o’clock and Tuesday morning is going to be just as rough as Monday. Use this time to get prepped for the week — plan out your meals, do some laundry, clean up your room — whatever you need to do to feel as relaxed as you can throughout the week. Clutter and messiness in a household has been proven to cause a ton of stress and anxiety, so prevent this yourself by choosing to keep the week as clutter free as possible. 

4. Head back to the gym

Yes, we all hate to hear it, especially when we are already so mentally drained. However, exercising has many benefits. Getting sweaty and pumping out endorphins are going to help you stay in tune to your body. Keeping up on your exercising will help you stay caught up with your week. Plus, it’s no fun to get thrown off your regular exercise schedule. But don’t stress too much — if you are feeling so out of it, a simple walk around the block will be more beneficial than sitting on the couch nursing your hangover. 

Most importantly, listen to your body and think about what is best for it — continuing the habits from the weekend will only hinder your progress and mess up your whole week. Continue to strive for fueling your body, not entertaining it with food and drink.