Keep It Simple | 4 ways to keep your pets cool this summer

Jennifer and Allen Larsen, owners of Firehouse Pet Shop

It’s hot. You feel sweaty, sticky and irritable. And you just can’t get away from it.

Then add on a fur coat.  How do you feel now?

Well, for our furry family members, imagine how they feel. They can’t just unzip their fur coats and hang them in the closet until winter. They have to sit and pant and rely on us to give them options to cool down.

To find more ways to help keep our pets cool, Jennifer and Allen Larsen, owners of the trendy Firehouse Pet Shop in downtown Wenatchee provided a few tips.

With the walls covered in supplies, food and toys for our four-legged kiddos and the Larsen’s three-legged shop cat Mr. Carmen roaming around, it feels as though you just walked through a glass door into Candyland for our hairy comrades.

The Larsens have contributed a few pieces of advice for pet owners about how to keep our pets refreshed and exercised through this nasty summer heat.

1. When is it too hot?

A question that some pet owners may have is when is it too hot to walk your dog or be outside with them? “Go to the sidewalk or the asphalt and put your hand upside down onto it, and hold it for four seconds,” Allen Larsen says. “Once it hits four, that is what your dog or cat feels instantly on their paws.” Also be mindful of sand, says Larsen.

2. Get up early

You want to exercise your animals before the heat sets in, which means getting up early is key. “The Wenatchee area has so many great parks.” So park your car, walk through the grass into a shaded area to play and exercise your dog, says Larsen.

3. If you have to leave your dog outside…

If you have to keep your dog outside during the hot days, make sure to use a variety of ways to keep your pets cool. Establish a place that has shade all day for your dogs, says Jennifer Larsen. Also, make sure they have fresh water all day long. Other options could be to have an outdoor fan, misters and a kiddie pool. Larsen also suggests providing toys that you can freeze peanut butter or greek yogurt inside. It provides entertainment for your dog, as well as keeping them cool.

4. Fresh water, all of the time.

“Hydration is so critical,” states Allen Larsen. He suggests having plenty of fresh water all of the time, inside or outside. The Firehouse Pet Shop has plenty of drinking fountains for dogs and cats to ensure fresh water for your pets. “These fountains keep the water filtered and moving to keep it cooler and it airates the water to keep it tasty.” says Allen Larsen. “Dogs and cats have taste buds that are so much more mature than humans.” So make sure that your dogs and cats are hydrated to help them stay cool in the summer.

Other suggestions: cooling mats, vests, and booties that will protect your pets from the heat this summer. “It is just like us being out in the heat,” says Allen Larsen. “A lot of the same rules apply for our pets as they do for us.”

The Firehouse Pet Shop is a great place to take your pets to escape the sweltering heat and check out some of the items they suggested!