Keep It Simple | 5 recipes that will rock your Seahawks parties

Finally, the fall weather is here. Which means that it's boot season, pumpkin-flavored everything and of course, FOOTBALL!

The Seattle Seahawks started the season out a little slow last Sunday with a loss against the Rams. However, with another game coming up in just a few short days, it means we will all be back to fantasy football and yelling at the TV as Tyler Lockett returns the ball for a yet another touchdown. 

Football also means a day for snacking and gathering with friends and family to cheer the Hawks onto another championship.

To make sure guests are fed, I provided fun, Seattle Seahawks-inspired goodies. Below, check out the recipes (with links) that are Seahawks related and will keep your 12's asking for more! Also, check out The Wenatchee World's Seahawks Pinterest board too! It will be continually updated throughout football season with fun party ideas, pictures and more!

Check out this fun recipe created by Two Sisters Crafting. These Seattle Seahawks lovers have figured out a fun way to cheer on the Hawks by creating a delicious looking jersey shaped Rice Krispies treat!

Here is another great idea for Seahawks. Guacamole is always delicious, and with blue chips, you have the perfect combination of blue and green! Blue corn tortilla chips can usually be found in your local grocery store. 

This recipe doesn't show the brownies with blue sprinkles, however it would be a fun and easy addition to finish off the perfect Seahawks brownie! Everyone loves chocolate so everyone will be in Hawk heaven after trying one of these enticing blue and green brownies.

This link is a basic chocolate-covered Oreo recipe, but I also provided a few ideas that can help you keep the Seahawks theme alive! If you use white chocolate to dip your Oreos in, you can dye the chocolate blue or green which you can then organize into a blue and green 12! Or if you don't like white chocolate, melt milk chocolate and drizzle dyed blue and green white chocolate on the top! Or, go above and beyond, you can whip up a batch of frosting and write 12 on top of the Oreos! So many different ways to create Seahawks-inspired goodies! (Be warned, melted chocolate is messy so wear gloves and an apron!)

Celebrate touchdowns and W's with these jello shots with these Seattle Seahawks-colored jello shots. With step-by-step direction provided in the link, these jello shots will be the talk of your party. However, they tend to be a little time consuming, so allow yourself enough time to finish them before guests arrive. 

Other fun ideas to add your Seahawks-inspired themed party snacks are blue and green M&M's, Skittles, and blue and green cupcakes! You can also add in blue and green plates and napkins. Don't forget to send us your Seattle Seahawks fan photos at and tag us at #wenworld! GO HAWKS!