Keep It Simple | 5 things to remember today

Merry Christmas everybody! Here are a couple things to think about as today and tomorrow play out. 


1. Don’t stress

If you are cleaning — don’t deep clean; no one will know the difference. If you are cooking or baking — don’t rush; it will all get done. If you are running late, just know that you will get there and no one will remember how late you are. 


2. Enjoy the moment

Take in the smells from the kitchen, the sounds of laughter coming from your children and let happiness fill you up. These moments are the ones that count, so enjoy them.


3. Don’t take things too seriously

Don’t take your crazy relatives too seriously. Sit back, relax, drink a glass of wine. You have no control of their actions, only your own, so laugh at them if you have to (if that gets you through the night).


4. Breathe

If you feel like you might lose it, just breathe. Ten deep breaths through your nose, fill up your chest and belly and exhale through your mouth — focus only on your breath. If this doesn’t help, drink a beverage to calm your nerves. *This is not me telling you to get plastered. I do not encourage such behavior on family holidays.*


5. Be thankful

Remember to be thankful that you have this opportunity to be alive today. 


Have a very, merry Christmas.